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Community Election Party

Glen Island Park, New Rochelle
31 Jul , 06:00 PM
We have just over four months to prevent a full-scale takeover by billionaires and big business. The 1% want to control our democracy—from the presidency down to city council members. They’re spending $1 billion through Super PACs to mislead voters on everything from Obamacare to Mitt Romney’s job-destroying past. Even worse, they’re trying to take away the basic right to vote in battleground states with racist voter suppression laws. But simple math is on our side. If we can help mobilize and defend the right of millions of people to vote in this election, we can win. With 7 million MoveOn members, we can leverage people with technology, giving us enough reach and muscle to match the 1%. Our plan is straightforward: Use our reach to register and turn out voters, especially young people, people of color, and single women; brand Romney as the 1% candidate that he truly is; and support emerging progressive leaders for lasting, long-term progressive change.

Status: Public, open for RSVP, 0 Guests (Max 100)

Invite people with this link: http://pol.moveon.org/event/99communitybuild/131539

We will need food for the party. Please register above link and list what you are willing to bring so we can coordinate.
Thank you
subject of your email should say election party.


Upcoming April events

The month of April is a very busy month for Moveon and our
affiliates.  We have several upcoming events.

On April 2, 2012 there is our monthly council meeting at the Unitarian
Church on Rosedale Avenue at 7PM. This meeting is very important for
all move on members and council members to attend. We will be
reviewing Carol and Diane’s success at getting the Yonkers City
Council to pass our Move to Amend Petition and target a new city. We
will be planning our Tax Day event.We will be welcoming a new core
member. There is a full agenda so please be on time.

On April 9, there is a planning meeting for Occupy Westchester May Day
on 5/1 in White Plains. A coalition(Including ours) is planning
a(hopefully) big Westchester event. There will be music, food ,teach
ins, children’s activities and a march with signs and chants. It will
be at Renaissance Plaza, Main and Mamaroneck Avenues. If you wish to
go downtown, you will have time to join OWS at Foley Square.

If you can attend the planning meeting, it is at the Greenberg Town
Hall on Hillside Avenue in White Plains on April 9th at 7:30 PM.

This will be a springboard for Occupy Westchester . There is a
facebook page, Occupy Westchester and a wordpress address,
occupywestchester@wordpress.com and also an Occupy Westchester Mayday,
on facebook. We will be a part of Occupy Westchester.

Sometime between the virtual training and 4/14 we will have a small
training session with the trainers from our group and possibly with
CWA so that we are all on the same page on training day. You will be
notified of this.

4/14/12, there are two local Spring Training events. One is in Yonkers
at the Riverfront Library from 9-5, run by another organization and I
do not know if their training is the same as ours.  Then there is
Moveon training in White Plains on 4/14/12. Our training will be done
by Moveon trained trainers(myself included) and with CWA local 1103.
The training centers around better planned actions and tactics and
non- violent resistance. Some activities are geared to learn de-
escalation techniques. I had to change the date of the training
because CWA needed to do it on Saturday and because getting a venue on
Sunday was nearly impossible. We are awaiting approval from the
Unitarian Church to use their large room.

On 4/17 we will join a nationwide Tax day event by having a rally with
afflliates at the Fisher Avenue Post office in White Plains.

Please sign up online at moveon.org for the events as there could be
changes and I can notify you easily if there are.