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9/24/2011 Council Minutes

9/24/11 American Dream Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the home of Rachel E in Harrison and hosted by her and co-hosted by Marjorie

The meeting was attended by Dennis H, Doris K, Ruth H, Laurie R, Patrick A, Teal M, and Beth W.

We took some time going around and telling each other why we had become involved in coming to the meeting and in political activities.

We then reviewed the summer activities which led to the writing of the America Dream Contract and the American Dream Contract was distributed. Marjorie reported on the last meeting and how we selected certain items as most important

Rachel suggested we select the person we want to target and how during the Congressional recess. We decided to focus on a meeting with Nita Lowey. Our meeting is to be a coalition meeting for Moveon, Westchester for Change and Mt Vernon housing group. We are to plan a meeting in which we will ask for her support on economic issues. She is a co-sponsor of the infrastructure bill.

We will call Gov. Cuomo to re-instate the millionaire’s tax. It is expiring in Dec. and he formerly said he would not discuss it saying let it expire. It would cause NYS to loss a huge amount of money. We could also call George Latimore and Amy Paulin as well.

We need to involve local politicians to endorse the Contract for the American Dream, such as the City Council, the Mayor and try to get a resolution to support it as is.

We would support the Peekskill group in a rally against Nan Hayworth but not have a rally against her by our group. We will concentrate on Nita Lowey by meetings not rallies. Nan Hayworth is running against a Dr. Richard Becker in 2012.

We decided to concentrate on publicizing the American Dream Contract in Westchester by having a forum at the Greenburgh Library. We will ask Chuck Bell to speak and others, maybe George Latimore or Nita Lowey. They could speak on the entire contract or a part they are comfortable with. This could be done in 6-8 weeks. This would be a coalition effort.

Teal is to do the posting on the word press website for the time being as she continues to set it up completely. I will forward to her anything a member wants to post.

The group would like to change it’s website name and I will see if this can be done on the Moveon site as well as on our facebook site. A new name has not yet been proposed.

We will schedule a follow up council meeting the week of 10/8/11.


Minutes for 9/12/2011

Minutes for 9/12/2011

The meeting was held at the home of PF, Core Council Member.

In Attendance were:

  • PF– core member, group secretary
  • AP– core member, new core member coordinator assistant
  • TM– core member, new recruitment coordinator
  • RN– core member, new recruitment coordinator assistant
  • MM– council organizer

New rules for meeting procedures will be discussed at the 9/24 session.

  1. The first area of discussion was expanding membership and participation in MoveOn events and meetings. In response to this a recruitment committee was formed. All members attending this meeting volunteered to be a part of this committee as follows;
  • PF will be given a phone list to reach out to moveon members to ask them to join the council. She will also call to ask members to attend upcoming meetings. She will then report back to the council coordinator so those who accept can be included on the roster.
  • TM will be the leader of the recruitment committee. TM will be reaching out to college campus (Pace, SUNY, Manhattanville, Monroe, Iona and CNR) representatives to recruit college students to Moveon and also to encourage them to register to vote.
  • RN will recruit members of her union. RN will also be responsible for one to ones with new members
  • AP will be recruiting from religious communities.
  • MM will be updating the council pages, providing training material and coordinating member information and reaching out to other progressive groups to mutually attend rallies, presenting a larger group.

2. The second order of business was to plan for The American Dream meeting on 9/24/11.

We reviewed the Contract for the American Dream and decided to pick 5 items for future jobs not cuts actions. The members of the council will choose which five are priorities from 1-5 and we will go from there. This must be done before the 9/24 meeting so we can plan our events at the meeting. The 9/24 meeting is in conjunction with Westchester 4 Change and is in Harrison.

3. Committees we have started:

  • Voter Registration to help register voters
  • Flash/skit Committee- to put on flash mobs scenes and short skits
  • Media Committee to get media coverage-AP will ask member, JM if she can help with this.
  • Research Committee-headed by MB- Members needed to help research various issues.
  • Flyer Committee to pass out flyers in downtown New Rochelle, White Plains, etc,

 If you have a suggestion about a committee, please let me know. Also, please email me to join one of these committees.We need you!

The American Dream Meeting is being held in Washington D. C. on October 3 – 5.

Planned events:

1. Make appointments with local politicians to ask them to sign American Dream Contract

2. Support rally on 9/25/11 for economic justice at 111 Dr, Martin Luther King Blvd

2. 9/24/11- Dream Meeting.

3. Planning for Flyer event

The American Dream Meeting is being held in Washington D. C. on October 3 – 5.
We could have members working in conjunction with other progressive groups such as
No Fracking
No Death Penalty
Climate change and environmental issues
Animal Cruelty and Wildlife Protection.
These would not be issues that Moveon is working on at this time however they are issues that you may want to address and you could be directed as to where to find a group addressing those issues. Moveon SW Council would
support you in a rally, or petition.
New rules for meeting procedures will be discussed at the next regular council meeting.