Right Now: August Recess

With Congress home for the summer starting next week, this is our opportunity to show how angry we are. The media and Washington insiders will be watching closely to see how voters are responding to the debt deal. This is the perfect time for us to turn up the heat, and turn the focus to what it will take to rebuild the American Dream.

We need to show Congress that we’re sick of the cuts, and we want them to concentrate on creating jobs. That’s why we’re joining with partners in the American Dream movement to hold “Jobs Not Cuts” events at their district offices nationwide.

We’ll gather at congressional offices and turn our anger into energy for real solutions on jobs. If we want to shift the battle lines to the left and work for real progress we need to be bigger, louder, and stronger.

Up Next: Fall Organizing

Thanks to your ideas and action, and those of our allies, this summer resulted in the birth of the American Dream movement. Now, it’s up to us to continue growing this effort into a force that our elected officials cannot ignore.

Our mission now is to build on this past month’s momentum and make our American Dream movement a force to be reckoned with all across the country. To do that, we’ll do what every great movement in our nation’s history has done—build local and national power at the same time. Like our progressive heroes before us who built movements for worker’s rights, and civil rights, and women’s rights by combining local and national initiatives, we will build our American Dream movement by organizing in our communities, towns, and cities to push for jobs, not cuts in every corner of our country–we’ll call these “Stand for the Dream” actions. To choose what actions make sense for our communities, we’ll train and discuss strategy at “Rebuild the Dream” house parties the weekend of September 24 and 25. Then, we can ask local officials to embrace our Contract, or to take a stand against state budget cuts among many other issues. At the same time, we’ll pile on to the local work on a national level by pressuring our members of Congress to focus on Jobs Not Cuts, giving special attention to the newly appointed “Super Committee” to put the priorities of regular people ahead of the super-rich.

By taking this national and local demand approach, we have the opportunity to win on issues in our community, grow our movement by bringing more people in, and calling attention to the demands for jobs not cuts on the local level and making it a national story.

Together, we have the opportunity to win on local campaigns and plant the seeds for long-term progressive change.



2 thoughts on “Campaigns

  1. We will be acting in coalition with other progressive groups and that involves supporting their events and having them support ours.
    There are two rallies this week where we should be giving support. Both fall within our American Dream Contract
    ideals and both are coalition groups.
    They are: Sunday Sept 25- 3-5PM-Rally For Economic Justice-111 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd.White Plains (MLK Institute)
    Tuesday Sept 27- 4-5:30PM-Save The Post Office Rally.
    We are also having an American Dream meeting on Sept 24 at 2PM hosted jointly by Westchester 4 Change and Moveon.Org in Harrison. You can sign up on the moveon.org website. We will be planning for October actions.

    Posted by Marjorie Morales | September 23, 2011, 1:52 am
  2. We will hold a rally on October 13th at 2;30PM in front of Rep. Nita Lowey’s office at 222 Mamaroneck Avenue in
    White Plains. The rally is titled American Dream Rally For Jobs Not Cuts and will also combine support for the Occupiers of Wall Street. So far, we have 63 people who have committed to rallying.

    On Oct 18 there will be a council meeting for CORE members only. Another meeting will be scheduled shortly after that will be open for all who wish to attend This has to do with space constraints and with core job training.

    On October 15 at 11 AM there is a Occupy Yonkers rally at City Hall steps in Yonkers. They will march through Getty Square down Main Street to the waterfront Those who wish to join can travel by train to NYC afterwards to be with the Wall Street protesters.

    Posted by marjorywrites1 | October 12, 2011, 10:54 pm

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