I am Worried About the Penguins

by Marjorie

I’m worried about the penguins.I know it sounds silly but I am.
These poor penguins have no place to go. The ice is melting, their habitat no longer supports them. Their ability to reproduce is threatened. Perhaps they are unimportant. After all you don’t often see a penguin walking down the street. In fact I have never seen one in the flesh. What does it matter if they become extinct? What purpose do they have anyway?
Who cares that moose have been leaving the their homes to wander some city streets or that deer show up in our back yards along with wild turkeys and coyotes. After all, we need those woods to build more homes on larger lots. Those animals do nothing for us!
And what about those fish whose dead bodies have washed up on the shore or those birds dead in the fields. Oh, not to worry, these things just happen from time to time.
It signifies nothing.
And by the way, those weird, destructive weather events, tornados, floods, fires from the heat, are not a result of global warming. Oh no, global warming is a lie told to stop people from making money from the use of expensive and dirty oil.
I worry because. Where will we go when the waters cover our cities, the fires burn out of control, the summers are red hot and the winters overflowing with snow. Yes, I am worried about the penguins, one of whom swam 2000 miles and wound up eating sand in Australia. I guess to some this is not unusual but I am truly worried about the penguins.



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