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SHORT NOTICE EVENT– Occupy the Banks today!

ATTN: At 1pm today, at Bryant Park (6th Ave. & 42nd St.), Occupy Wall St will deliver over 6,000 letters to Bank CEOs. If you are in the area– you  should definitely attend! Take a lunch break and come over 🙂

From the website:

WHAT: Mass march to deliver 6,000 letters from the 99% to the 1%

WHEN: 1pm, Friday, October 28

WHERE: Meet-up at Bryant Park (6th Ave. & 42nd St.), march to Bank of America headquarters, Morgan Stanley headquarters, Wells Fargo headquarters, Citigroup headquarters, JP Morgan Chase headquarters.

See map for target locations.

WHO: Foreclosure victims, unemployed New Yorkers, students with debt, Occupy Wall Street protesters, members of Strong Economy for All, UnitedNY, New York Communities for Change, ALIGN, The Yes Men

WHAT: Thousands will march to the headquarters of five major banks to deliver over 6,000 letters to the 1% submitted to occupytheboardroom.org, concluding with a general assembly at which a foreclosure victim from Southeast Queens will read a letter through the people’s mic inviting Jamie Dimon to tour her neighborhood.

VISUALS: Thousands of people trying to throw paper airplane letters up to the top floor of the BofA building, thousands of people delivering a singing telegram to Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit led by a choir and marching band, poster oard blowups of letters from the 99%, giant mailbag full of letters from march participants.


(1) Throughout the march a flyering team will be handing out copies of the letters that have links to the website at the bottom. Both marches will be accompanied by (a) a team of bicycling pirates, (b) a choir, (c) a marching band, (d) a set of “postmasters” with stenciled OTBR logos to guide the march and lead group activities. At the top of the march, postmasters will distribute “mailing instruction” 8.5×11 sheets with (a) the march route, (b) description of activities, (c) song lyrics, (d) a space for marchers to write their own letter.

(2) Group 1 and 2 march to first banks, at which we will have a mass paper airplane throwing event. (Postmasters to instruct crowd in paper airplane folding and throwing via people’s mic.) After airplanes are thrown, postmasters will help crowd collect all planes and put them in a big mailbag, which will be left in the lobby of the bank.

(3) Groups 1 and 2 march to second bank at which the choir leads everyone in a unison singing of one of the letters. The text for that letter will be printed on the “mailing instructions” handout and on giant (6′ x 8′) posterboard blow-ups so that everyone can sing along. At the end of the song, we attempt to leave the giant letters in the lobby of the banks.

(4) Groups 1 and 2 converge on Chase HQ at which we sit down and convene a special reading and writing GA. Austin will (tentatively) MC. The main event will be three letter-writers reading their letters to Jamie Dimon over the people’s mic. After the letters are read, there will be a brief writing exercise in which the crowd is given 5 minutes to write a letter to the 1% on a detachable portion of their “mailing instructions” sheet. After 5 minutes, we will leave all our letters in or outside of Chase’s lobby and leave.


Group 1: Meet 1pm at Bryant Park, march to Citigroup, Wells Fargo, end at Chase
Group 2: Meet 1pm at Bryant Park, march to Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Chase
Groups 1 & 2: 3pm converge on Chase for 3:30pm letter reading

Marjory goes to Washington!

Marjory at the Court of Injustice

On September 30,2011, the excitement I had been feeling for two weeks subsided as I navigated the issues of traveling to DC by myself with two large bags and my purse. Being slightly, LOL, older than most of my co-voyagers, I flopped into the first available seat where I remained for the duration.

I arrived at a very beautiful hotel and registered. My room was fabulous and I did not have a roommate assigned to me. I felt like a queen ! I was even treated to a delicious dinner by my field organizer from Moveon, THANK YOU!
The first two and a half days were for training to be a better rebel  rouser. (oh, I mean organizer.) There were continual snacks and drinks and lunch and dinner right there.
The training was conducted by the MoveOn staff and was mainly aimed at planning events. We learned the differences between strategy, tactic and time lines and how to use them to organize. We practiced with each other. We also discussed how sometimes we need to act very fast due to changes happening around us  and change our strategy at the spur of the moment, something that drives our members mad!

Rally at Capital Lawn

After the training, many went home and those who were attending the CAF remained and were placed in a cozy bed and breakfast. I was very fortunate to have been given the training and the CAF conference by Moveon and I am very grateful for that opportunity. I had a real nice roommate and she was wonderful to me. I was having my usual foot pain and she drove me everywhere!

Priscilla at the Capital

The Conference was wonderful. We heard Van Jones and other people, like Senator Sanders, Rep Barbara Lee. Robert Reich etc speak and we selected  the workshops we wanted to attend. It was in another beautiful hotel and very comfortable. We were very aware of the Wall Street Occupation and in full support of those demonstrators.

Part of the crowd at the rally

We needed to have events for October posted by 10/6/11 and I managed to post a rally and a council meeting for those dates. I am hoping that the rally on 10/13 has a big turnout. The council meeting will be at my house and I invited folks to that,(mostly core members and coalition members) as my house is very tiny and will not support more than 8-10 people at most. If you were not invited and want to come , let me know. I might be able to squeeze a few more in as some may not come. I also want to have an additional meeting the last week of October planning a Halloween theme rally. Ideas would be appreciated.

We are planning a nationwide day of action for ALL progressive groups on 11/17/2011.


As part of the American Dream Movement’s “Jobs Not Cuts” Week of Action, join your neighbors in demanding job creation and fair taxes.

We will hold a rally on October 13th at 2;30PM in front of Rep. Nita Lowey’s office at 222 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains. The rally is titled American Dream Rally For Jobs Not Cuts and will also combine support for the Occupiers of Wall Street. So far, we have 63 people who have committed to rallying.

American Dream Conference

The Campaign for America’s Future is teaming up with Van Jones’ “Rebuild The Dream” organization for the Take Back the American Dream conference October 3 to 5, in Washington, DC. This annual conference of the progressive movement has a new name—and a new focus on strengthening the fast-growing American Dream Movement.

Speakers include: The American Dream Movement’s Van Jones, author Drew Westen, Former Sec. of Labor Robert Reich, the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka, Rep. Barney Frank, Rep. Keith Ellison, The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel, comedian Lizz Winstead, Campaign for America’s Future’s Robert Borosage and many more progressive leaders. For details on the conference agenda: click here 

Lucky for our group, our own Marjorie will be attending this conference. She applied for a scholarship and was one of the select few invited to attend the conference. We’ll keep you updated on how the conference goes!

–Why this conference is important–

9/24/2011 Council Minutes

9/24/11 American Dream Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the home of Rachel E in Harrison and hosted by her and co-hosted by Marjorie

The meeting was attended by Dennis H, Doris K, Ruth H, Laurie R, Patrick A, Teal M, and Beth W.

We took some time going around and telling each other why we had become involved in coming to the meeting and in political activities.

We then reviewed the summer activities which led to the writing of the America Dream Contract and the American Dream Contract was distributed. Marjorie reported on the last meeting and how we selected certain items as most important

Rachel suggested we select the person we want to target and how during the Congressional recess. We decided to focus on a meeting with Nita Lowey. Our meeting is to be a coalition meeting for Moveon, Westchester for Change and Mt Vernon housing group. We are to plan a meeting in which we will ask for her support on economic issues. She is a co-sponsor of the infrastructure bill.

We will call Gov. Cuomo to re-instate the millionaire’s tax. It is expiring in Dec. and he formerly said he would not discuss it saying let it expire. It would cause NYS to loss a huge amount of money. We could also call George Latimore and Amy Paulin as well.

We need to involve local politicians to endorse the Contract for the American Dream, such as the City Council, the Mayor and try to get a resolution to support it as is.

We would support the Peekskill group in a rally against Nan Hayworth but not have a rally against her by our group. We will concentrate on Nita Lowey by meetings not rallies. Nan Hayworth is running against a Dr. Richard Becker in 2012.

We decided to concentrate on publicizing the American Dream Contract in Westchester by having a forum at the Greenburgh Library. We will ask Chuck Bell to speak and others, maybe George Latimore or Nita Lowey. They could speak on the entire contract or a part they are comfortable with. This could be done in 6-8 weeks. This would be a coalition effort.

Teal is to do the posting on the word press website for the time being as she continues to set it up completely. I will forward to her anything a member wants to post.

The group would like to change it’s website name and I will see if this can be done on the Moveon site as well as on our facebook site. A new name has not yet been proposed.

We will schedule a follow up council meeting the week of 10/8/11.

Next Meeting: 9/24/2011 at 2pm

Thanks to your ideas and action, and those of our allies, this summer resulted in the birth of the American Dream movement. Now, it’s up to us to continue growing this effort into a force that our elected officials cannot ignore.

On Saturday, September 24th, 2011 at 2pm, there will be an American Dream house party. It is a very important meeting. We have the capacity to build an economy that meets the needs of ordinary Americans. It will be held in Harrison at the home of Rachel E.

Please sign up for this meeting if you plan on attending.

Click here to RSVP!

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

One of the most important speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin in his movie, “The Great Dictator”.  The movie came out in 1940, when the U.S was still formally at peace with Germany. This was Charlie Chaplin’s most commercially successful film and was also the first film to satirize Hitler and Nazi Germany.


Tell House Democrats: Vote NO on any plan that cuts Medicare or Medicaid benefits.

A courageous stand by House Democrats is our best chance to stop White House-backed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

Tell the members of the House Democratic caucus to draw a line in the sand and pledge to vote against any deficit reduction plan that includes cuts to Medicare or Medicaid benefits.

Click here to learn more and sign the petition!