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minutes 1/9/12

Minutes January 9th council meeting

Teal opened the meeting with rules of order which were that because this meeting had a large agenda we were asking for two to three minute time limits on comments and no interruptions.
Teal reported as follows:

A new progressive coalition has been formed called Hudson Valley Coalition for Fair Economy.  Its first business will be The NYS Budget Forum to be held 2/9/12 at 7PM at the Mapleton Conference Center, 52 North Broadway, White Plains  10603 between North and  Mam’k Avenues.  We will have guest speakers, politicians, a speak out  and questions. The NYS budget will be released 1/18./12. The Action is sponsored by Westchester for Change, CWA, MV housing, Moveon,
Working Families, Wespac, etc

There is a website to post events
There are around ten progressive organizations currently who can join in each others events or opt out if they wish.

There will be a gathering at the Vintage Bar on Main St. White Plains on 1/24 to watch the State of the Union address.

In February after the 9th in Brooklyn or online, there will be a media conference training.

Old Business: Moveon

Laurie, Ann and Donald were to search for meeting places. Laurie got in touch with The Unitarian Church in White Plains at 468 Rosedale Ave., White Plains, between North and Mam’k Avenues. Laurie will contact Lilliana at 946-1660 and see if we can meet there Monday’s beginning 2/6/12 at 7 PM. We decided our meetings would be the first or second Monday of every month, alternating between White Plains and New Rochelle. There is a $40 charge.  Annie will contact a member of that church to see if we can meet there at no charge.Our next meeting in scheduled for 7PM 2/6 at the Community Unitarian Church.

Donald tried several churches but without insurance. could not get us a room to have our meetings.  Ann will continue trying to get us a room in New Rochelle at the Episcopal Church on North Avenue

Marjory was to contact Occupy to see if there was an issue using their name for our upcoming rallies.

Ann and John were to contact the clergy

We were to decide what committees we want to work on, Move to Amend; Move Your Money and any others

Jobs were to be decided.

.New Business:

New ground rules for Move On Westchester include 3-5 minute limits for each speaker and raising your hand before speaking

Marjory contacted Occupy Westchester.  Their meetings/rallies are cancelled on a regular basis.  Marjory contacted Occupy Hudson Valley. There will be an Occupy rally on 1/15 at the Riverside Church in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Marjory to check if anything is planned in White Plains on 1/15 and to contact Occupy Westchester again to see if we could join in with them. Otherwise we will decide what we will do.

We could have a candlelight ceremony by the MLK stature in WP if it is not being done by the NAACP. Marjory will try and find out if they are doing anything in White Plains.


Occupy Congress and the Courts will be held in White Plains on 1/17 at 6PM.  Campaign Finance Reform, term limits, Congress voting for their own raises (200% since 1994) and members having benefits for life are some of the issues we will rally about.= and of course Move to Amend  We will gather for 30 minutes at the fountain corner or Main St. and Mamaroneck Ave. and then march on to Nita Lowey’s office.  Teal will speak at the fountain and at  Lowey’s office as well as Andre.  Move to Amend Petitions will be available.

Laurie and Don R will be making signs and Carol will make a sign also,

Don B will supply wax paper cups, Marjory will supply tea lights

Don B, Marjory and Teal will be contacting the media.

People can bring small flashlights or flameless candles if they wish.


There will not be a Move to Amend rally on 1/20 at the Federal Court at 300 Quarropas St. as we planned, in view of the new moveon event for the 19th. which will be a “Yes He Can”  rally at Obama’s re-election offices with petitions to hold banks accountable.  Petitions will be emailed to members.  Also it is too many rallies to do in one week.


Separate committees are being formed for the Move to Amend and Move Your Money issues.

The members on the Move Your Money Committee will be Ann, Laurie and Carol. Their work should be done by 3/15/12

The members on the Move to Amend Committee will be Laurie, Carol Diane, John and Marjorie. This could be ongoing

The Media Coordinators will be Teal, Donald B., Marjory and JM, Marjory will give the others the information she already has.

John M reported that he spoke Msgr Kevin Sullivan, a leader at Catholic Charities in NYC,  and to a K Sullivan, a nun at Iona.who I am told is very active in social action , political issues. He is interested but would like some information about Moveon, a moveon mission statement
Marjory will send this to John.

Teal is to attend a general assembly meeting at SUNY to see if she

can recruit and to also hook them up with Hudson Vally Occupy. Marjory to get her the information.

Teal is to contact George Latimer to see if we could meet in NR at the W Dem. committee room

There will be a SOPA committee of Joseph B, Teal,

Laurie and Don R making signs for 1/17 and Yes He Can

Ann and Marjorie to find out where a campaign hq is locally

Fannie Mae to give a one year pass on mortgages
Accu- weather supports Sanatorium
Serbia vs Ryan in Wisconsin
jobs were defined.
Carol and Diane joined our council and are now CORE members

Assigned Core jobs are:
Teal-council representative, attends coalition meetings, reports back and has authority to make decisions. Teal also speaks at rallies and leads council meetings along with host.

John M- clergy representative, works on committes
Ann P. Clergy representative, works on comittees
Don B-Media coordinator, phone calls and research
Joseph P-research, emailing
Laurie R-signs. committees
Joseph B- research legal things, commitees
Andre-Speaker, research
Don R-signs, research, e-mails,calls
Carol-commitees, signs
Diane-committees, signs
Pat- secretary, phone calls, one to ones
Rebecca- student recruitment
Marjorie – co-ordinates, organizes council
Robin-currently unavailable did one to ones.
possible two more core members,pending



About marjorywrites1

I am a retired social worker. Since I retired I have become a political activist with Moveon.org. I am very passionate about my work with them and about political issues


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