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council meeting 12/13/11

Marjory Morales, Don Riccio, Joseph Bent, Patrick Andre, Don Brundage, Teal Martz, Pat Fradkin, Laurie Rigel haupt, Rebecca Stuart, Joseph Powell attended the meeting.

Teal has working working with other progressive groups in Westchester to form one larger organization to be named early next year.
She also has material from the Fiscal Policy Institute with summations of the New York State tax codes.breaks and reforms that need to be made in our current code. The CMA is taking on Verizon’s no-tax status as well as non-union contractors and outsourcing of much of its online work to India.

Move the Money in Your Community (a MoveOn site) will need research to find credit unions and small banks in the Westchester area that we can all move our money to.

SOPA (Stop Onlin Piracy Act) was discussed and how it will effect the internet.
The next meeting will be on 1/10 at Teal’s. Final plans for the Occupy White Plains will be discussed.

Teal described the work she is doing for the coalition and reported as to which groups were involved and what actions were possible in January.

Marjory discussed the need to strengthen our council by having core members assist in the running of the group and 8 members agreed to be core members. We had discussion of what jobs that might entail. There were several people who wanted to do the same jobs and Marjory will decide on those. We will still need another 8 core jobs to be filled in the future.

Donald B agreed to look for a meeting place in Tuckahoe.

I will ask Annie to see about the Bryant Avenue church.


We will be holding an event on January 17,2012 in White Plains to support Occupy DC by OWS. We will try to have it by the fountain at Mam’k Avenue and Main Street if permitted by the police. It will be a candlelight affair. Westchester for Change has agreed to do this with us. It will be presented at the coalition meeting on

Pat-to make reminder phone calls the night before the meeting

Pat to present minutes of 12/13 meeting

Marjorie to investigate meeting places and to have one to one’s with all core members to instruct as to their functions and give them necessary documents.

to make flyer for 12/17/11 rally

Annie and John to report on outreach to clergy

Group to plan for event, signs, chants, candles and  advertisement

Marjorie to contact Occupy groups


About marjorywrites1

I am a retired social worker. Since I retired I have become a political activist with Moveon.org. I am very passionate about my work with them and about political issues


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