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November 17th, 2011 was a day of action for our members, all across the country. Here in New York our Westchester MoveOn Council decided to meet up with The Unions, Occupy Wall Street, the CWA Verizon workers and Westchester for Change to rally in support of OWS and against the 1%. On this day we were all glad to be part of the 99% and show the world our strength and we did so in an awesome manner. It was reported that 32,000 people were estimated to have participated

The mood was celebratory despite the eviction from Zuccotti Park.  It was Occupy’s two month anniversary and it was obvious that the Occupiers had captured the support of thousands upon thousands. People were jubilant, they were chanting, they were singing and waving signs and banners. There were progressive groups form all over and from all causes. There were rap songs and country songs.  There were speakers telling their stories and they were permitted to use microphones. The police set up barriers to channel the protesters but many of those barriers were set aside. There were just too many protesters to seal off.

Many members of our council were to meet us at the train station and we were to travel together but I only met one member, Joseph and I approached a woman who I heard mention Moveon to her friend. I thought she must be looking for our group.  I learned later that she had no idea of what I was talking about and thought I was telling them to move on! We sorted it out and Carol traveled downtown with Joseph and I and it was great. Carol and Joseph had a lot in common and got along well and I was glad to have their company. It was so crowded in the city that I could not find any of the people I was supposed to join there and despite calls and texts we did not see any of them although we did meet a few other Moveon members who were also trying to locate their council members.

The entire group was to cross over the Brooklyn Bridge. We were there for over three hours and never did make it to the bridge. The march was so crowded that we were an hour just marching, if you can call it that, a half a block. We decided that we would grab some snacks and head home. On the buildings around us someone was projecting lights saying 99%. I later learned that there were many projected light sayings on the Verizon building across from the bridge. That support was so uplifting.

While we were there, and where we were, we saw no issues with the police , although they were in riot gear and the was a tension in the air. Any inter-action we had with them was polite.

I am very happy to report that Carol has joined our Moveon council.

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I am a retired social worker. Since I retired I have become a political activist with Moveon.org. I am very passionate about my work with them and about political issues


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