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Council Meeting
29 Nov , 07:00 PM
While the 99% have been busy taking on Wall Street, Washington–and Republicans specifically–have done zilch to create jobs. Once again, we face the same fight we’ve faced all year long: stopping cuts that hurt the 99% and making the 1% pay their fair share to create jobs.Whether it was stopping the GOP budget last winter or organizing for Jobs Not Cuts during the August recess, we’ve shown that we can stop proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and turn the national conversation back to jobs. The 99% face a clear and present threat from the super committee in Washington. The committee will either come out with a proposal by Nov. 23, or they’ll end in a deadlock that triggers even deeper cuts. Regardless, we have a simple message for all of Congress: create jobs now, or we, the 99%, won’t support you come election time. That’s why right when Congress comes back to work after Thanksgiving, we’re getting back to work. With SEIU, AFL-CIO, and others, we’ll let Washington know the 99% are fed up and want jobs–NOW. So on December 1, we’ll bring the energy of street and bank protests to congressional offices nationwide. We’ll tell Democrats to act like Democrats and stand firm against cuts and for job creation–and we’ll make sure that the people of every GOP district know that Republicans obstructed a super committee deal all in order to preserve the Bush tax cuts for millionaires. Not only can the voices of the 99% be silenced, we’ll make it so that Washington and Wall Street can’t sleep without hearing our demands for a better country. Can you help make sure that happenson Dec. 1? We will be planning for that event.

Status: Public, open for RSVP, 0 Guests (Max 30)
Best way to contact host: Email
Event URL: http://pol.moveon.org/event/meeting/124642


About marjorywrites1

I am a retired social worker. Since I retired I have become a political activist with Moveon.org. I am very passionate about my work with them and about political issues


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  1. The date of the council meeting is 11/28/11 not 11/29

    Posted by Marjorie Morales | November 23, 2011, 8:28 pm

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