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Marjory goes to Washington!

Marjory at the Court of Injustice

On September 30,2011, the excitement I had been feeling for two weeks subsided as I navigated the issues of traveling to DC by myself with two large bags and my purse. Being slightly, LOL, older than most of my co-voyagers, I flopped into the first available seat where I remained for the duration.

I arrived at a very beautiful hotel and registered. My room was fabulous and I did not have a roommate assigned to me. I felt like a queen ! I was even treated to a delicious dinner by my field organizer from Moveon, THANK YOU!
The first two and a half days were for training to be a better rebel  rouser. (oh, I mean organizer.) There were continual snacks and drinks and lunch and dinner right there.
The training was conducted by the MoveOn staff and was mainly aimed at planning events. We learned the differences between strategy, tactic and time lines and how to use them to organize. We practiced with each other. We also discussed how sometimes we need to act very fast due to changes happening around us  and change our strategy at the spur of the moment, something that drives our members mad!

Rally at Capital Lawn

After the training, many went home and those who were attending the CAF remained and were placed in a cozy bed and breakfast. I was very fortunate to have been given the training and the CAF conference by Moveon and I am very grateful for that opportunity. I had a real nice roommate and she was wonderful to me. I was having my usual foot pain and she drove me everywhere!

Priscilla at the Capital

The Conference was wonderful. We heard Van Jones and other people, like Senator Sanders, Rep Barbara Lee. Robert Reich etc speak and we selected  the workshops we wanted to attend. It was in another beautiful hotel and very comfortable. We were very aware of the Wall Street Occupation and in full support of those demonstrators.

Part of the crowd at the rally

We needed to have events for October posted by 10/6/11 and I managed to post a rally and a council meeting for those dates. I am hoping that the rally on 10/13 has a big turnout. The council meeting will be at my house and I invited folks to that,(mostly core members and coalition members) as my house is very tiny and will not support more than 8-10 people at most. If you were not invited and want to come , let me know. I might be able to squeeze a few more in as some may not come. I also want to have an additional meeting the last week of October planning a Halloween theme rally. Ideas would be appreciated.

We are planning a nationwide day of action for ALL progressive groups on 11/17/2011.


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