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Council Minutes

9/24/2011 Council Minutes

9/24/11 American Dream Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the home of Rachel E in Harrison and hosted by her and co-hosted by Marjorie

The meeting was attended by Dennis H, Doris K, Ruth H, Laurie R, Patrick A, Teal M, and Beth W.

We took some time going around and telling each other why we had become involved in coming to the meeting and in political activities.

We then reviewed the summer activities which led to the writing of the America Dream Contract and the American Dream Contract was distributed. Marjorie reported on the last meeting and how we selected certain items as most important

Rachel suggested we select the person we want to target and how during the Congressional recess. We decided to focus on a meeting with Nita Lowey. Our meeting is to be a coalition meeting for Moveon, Westchester for Change and Mt Vernon housing group. We are to plan a meeting in which we will ask for her support on economic issues. She is a co-sponsor of the infrastructure bill.

We will call Gov. Cuomo to re-instate the millionaire’s tax. It is expiring in Dec. and he formerly said he would not discuss it saying let it expire. It would cause NYS to loss a huge amount of money. We could also call George Latimore and Amy Paulin as well.

We need to involve local politicians to endorse the Contract for the American Dream, such as the City Council, the Mayor and try to get a resolution to support it as is.

We would support the Peekskill group in a rally against Nan Hayworth but not have a rally against her by our group. We will concentrate on Nita Lowey by meetings not rallies. Nan Hayworth is running against a Dr. Richard Becker in 2012.

We decided to concentrate on publicizing the American Dream Contract in Westchester by having a forum at the Greenburgh Library. We will ask Chuck Bell to speak and others, maybe George Latimore or Nita Lowey. They could speak on the entire contract or a part they are comfortable with. This could be done in 6-8 weeks. This would be a coalition effort.

Teal is to do the posting on the word press website for the time being as she continues to set it up completely. I will forward to her anything a member wants to post.

The group would like to change it’s website name and I will see if this can be done on the Moveon site as well as on our facebook site. A new name has not yet been proposed.

We will schedule a follow up council meeting the week of 10/8/11.



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